Local SEO

It’s a well-known fact that traditional phone books and directories are dying out – though you wouldn’t know it if you were to look at the high charges they levy for a simple book listing!

These days to be on the radar, you need to be on the web, and this means being highly visible to search engines such as Google. With Prestige-SEO – Local SEO services – you received a personalised service, to dramatically increase your web visibility, and still remain within your budgets.

For example

A plumber in Cardiff – would need to spend a fortune to improve their ranking for the keyword “plumber”

What we do is narrow our keywords down to a more precise key phrase maybe, “plumber in Cardiff” or “Cardiff plumber”, and we also find other keywords e.g. “Central Heating Cardiff”.

Giving significant improvements in web visibility with a moderate budget

We choose these keywords on the basis of what web users in your area are already searching for – so we are able to get it right first time!

Lets See How Many People Search Locally

Sticking with the plumbing example – let’s take a look at the number of people that search for “plumbers in Cardiff” and related keywords in a month

Local SEO Services

As you can see, this is around 800 searches per month! think how many clients this could bring you each month To find out more about our local seo services and pricing please send us an email (shown below) providing us with your:

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Town or City
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Our Email Address; info@desarrolloseo.es

Once you are a Customer – We will not work with your competitors – this is our promise!